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According to safety rules, an employer should never take workplace shortcuts for employees, especially when working with hazardous machinery or avoiding safe procedures. Regulations are put in place to protect employees and ensure that everything is done correctly. Accidents can happen at any time - they're clearly unintentional and the possibilities are endless. Many accidents can be avoided by taking specific precautions. In many cases, employers don’t want to follow the right procedure to save project costs. For example, all rolling loads falling from above fall can cause severe injuries. When any situation occurs, workers will be surprised.

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Occupational safety means that all employees prevent illness, injury and danger in the workplace. Occupational safety includes creating a safe and healthy environment for all workers to avoid danger, injury and disease. By ensuring occupational health and safety, organizations can ensure the efficiency of all workers and avoid significant costs. Organizations develop different strategies through which they implement different workplace safety policies, thus benefiting workers. If you or a loved one was involved in a work injury, we recommend contacting Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. for a free consultation.

However, employers don’t want to pass all benefits to employees. In that case, you need to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney from BROWN LAW GROUP. There are many issues that can alter your compensation sum in an injury case. These issues need to be sorted out by an adept work injury lawyer, so that they can be used to get positive benefits on behalf of you.

Reasons Of Work Injury

Companies can make significant cost savings by making and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all employees. However, proper fall protection is not always in place at construction sites. Poorly secure scaffolding also carries significant risks, and scaffolding construction problems are a major source of risk reduction. Necessary safety precautions may be overlooked if employers encourage workers to complete their work quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Our construction accident attorneys represent construction workers who are victims of work-related accidents. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your accident. We work with experts who can help determine the cause and blame the negligent party. One of the main causes of all work accidents is serious hazards at the construction site. There are countless opportunities for holes, equipment, uneven ground, or weather conditions that increase the risk of slips and trips. Even with proper training and safety precautions, slips and falls are easy to happen.

Make sure your workers are aware of potential hazards in the workplace. Risks can be minimized by emphasizing attention, pointing out slip and trip hazards, and encouraging workers to be vigilant while working. There are many causes of electric shock, but with the right precautions, many of these accidents can be avoided. Providing high quality personal protective equipment and construction safety training is an effective tool to reduce the risk of electric shock. Hitting objects and falling equipment is one of the leading causes of death in the construction industry and other industries that are not safe from such accidents.

Benefits Of Hiring Work Injury Lawyer From BROWN LAW GROUP

Brown law group is a prominent name in the space of work injury cases. This is one of the best law firms in your area. If you hire a work injury lawyer from BROWN LAW GROUP, you can get the following benefits.

● If a third party is involved in a worker's accident, you may be able to sue the third party outside of your workers' compensation claim.
● Employment Injury Attorneys can help you get that extra money from a third party.
● The benefit you receive is calculated with a permanent disability assessment. Your employer's insurance company may reject the assessment your doctor gave you and ask you to see one of their doctors.

You shouldn’t let your employer handle all the procedures of compensation. They can hire a doctor to undermine your wound. The doctor may also try to get you back to work before you are completely healed. You always need an expert on your side. If you don't fight your attorney and their bills, you won't be able to pay all of your medical bills and cover most of your missed work.

Without a Workers' Compensation Policy, your employer could be sued by you for compensation. Hence, you should hire a work injury lawyer from BROWN LAW GROUP who can fight your employer for you, so you can get what you deserve. With our work injury lawyer, you can also challenge your employer for lack of a Workers' Compensation Policy or, in the case of a negligent injury, claim your employer for an injury. In other words, with our work injury lawyer, you can expect the best possible amount of compensation. In this case, a work injury lawyer from BROWN LAW GROUP will help you to gather evidence to substantiate your claim.


  • What are examples of slips and trips worker injuries?
  • Can I sue an employer for putting excessive physical stress on me?

Slips and trips will occur if the surface is uneven or if there are unexpected changes to the floor or stairs. In this case, also, you can claim Workers' Compensation benefits.

Yes, you can. Physical stress occurs when a person engages in strenuous or overwhelming physical activity. Stress is usually caused by repetitive actions and can cause long term injury. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney from BROWN LAW GROUP can help you justice in this case also.


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